Marketing Performance Management

SAS® for Marketing Performance Management

Demonstrate – and prove – marketing's value

Just believing in the strategic importance of marketing isn’t enough. More than ever, you must be able to quantify the impact that marketing efforts have on the bottom line. We can help you do that with analytically derived tactical and strategic insights that are easy to access and understand.


  • Align activities and resources with strategies and goals.
  • Link marketing performance to financial performance.
  • Establish and maintain marketing team accountability.
  • Integrate and optimize cross-functional spending.
  • Understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities.



Marketing Performance Management
  • A single, integrated view across marketing. Access all customer data regardless of form or location. Ensure data accuracy with powerful data cleansing tools. View all past marketing performance activities in one location.
  • Timely visualization of and collaboration on metrics. Customize views based on individual roles, with transparency to foster accountability. Drill down through data for a deeper exploration of issues.
  • Analytically driven insights. Get both a historical view and a forward look at trendsm not just a snapshot in time, using advanced, predictive analytics, correlation analysis, trending and more.
  • Standard marketing KPIs. Use KPIs that incorporate marketing best practices, including marketing program metrics, customer metrics, business/financial metrics and marketing process metrics.

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