Predicting customer needs

Yapi Kredi doubles product and service sales with right offer, right time, right channel

Arzu Umur, Yapi Kredi CRM and Campaign Management Director, says, “Solutions offered by SAS have become an important part of our CRM system. With changes in market conditions and customer profiles, we’d like to continue providing the best to our customers. For instance, marketing optimization is an essential concept. It is very important to reach the right customer through the right channel and with the right product. We are integrating SAS® Marketing Optimization into our systems with the aim to analyze results using more effective methods.”

Yapi Kredi is the first private national bank in Turkey and ranks highly among national banks. The new CRM approach adopted by the bank – which includes better targeting through the "best product at the best time through the best channel" approach - has doubled product and service sales.

Umur is among those who directed the changes in the bank's CRM infrastructure. Umur states, "In the project we developed in 2001 to improve the bank's CRM infrastructure, we preferred SAS® Enterprise Miner™ because the bank needed complex analyses and models to maintain and enrich its services."

In our proposals, we are able to focus on the channels that may be preferred by our customers and approach them through the most effective channel. We can determine the customers' needs months beforehand, and contact them. SAS works as an early-warning system.

Arzu Umur
CRM and Campaign Management Director

Increase sales and customer satisfaction

The project was initiated in 2001 and the positive benefits have become very apparent in recent years.

Umur describes the changes she observed throughout the process: "Our project was in its infancy in 2001. In time, the models got more complicated as the needs became more complex. In the last 10 years, the bank's changing strategies and infrastructure evolved to provide better input to the SAS solution outputs, and the effects of the solution spread within the bank's services. Information obtained from SAS Enterprise Miner assists us in providing information to the employees in the field and call centers. We also use SAS Enterprise Miner in the marketing and operational areas by assessing our customers' probability to buy any product. It also assists us in profiling to provide the right customers with the right products and services."

Works like an early-warning system

Umur remarks, "Even though it varies depending on the product, when we compared the periods prior to and after the data mining project, we observed that the acceptance rate of the products and services offered to customers doubled."

They also achieved measurable increases in product purchases and demand for other products. According to Umur, this is because SAS provides a wide range of opportunities to assess customers’ preferences to buy a product.

Umur says, "In our proposals, we are able to focus on the channels that may be preferred by our customers and approach them through the most effective channel. We can determine the customers' needs months beforehand, and contact them. SAS works as an early-warning system." The CRM infrastructure not only increases the acceptance rate of the existing products and services, it also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

'SAS provides guidance before we approach them'

Why did Yapi Kredi start working with SAS 10 years ago, and why do they keep working with SAS?

"By principle, whenever we need a solution in any area in Yapi Kredi, we assess all existing alternatives. We assess the solution from a business and a technology standpoint," Umur says. "Then, we sort our expectations from the solution in a measurable way. We score each option to decide on the most effective solution. When we carried out this methodology 10 years ago, SAS received the highest score. In time, we monitored SAS' progress via reports by independent research institutions that assess similar solutions. SAS achieved the ideal performance throughout the last 10 years and continues to meet our growing needs."

Another topic Umur highlights is her satisfaction with the SAS Turkey office. "SAS Turkey provides us guidance and feedback on the relevant agenda topics, without us needing to approach them."


Mine customer data to predict needs and approach them through the right channels.



Sales of products and services to customers doubled due to the bank's ability to predict customers' needs and approach them through the appropriate channels.

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