Strategy Management

SAS® Strategy Management

To improve performance and optimize value creation: define, plan, execute and validate

SAS Strategy Management improves governance, focus and alignment of key initiatives and goals by breaking down organizational silos that can inhibit effective strategy execution throughout an organization.

The unique SAS capability to validate statistically what influences outcomes may help prevent an organization from pursuing flawed strategies for months or even years at higher costs in terms of money, reputation and brand.

The implementation of scorecards improves efficiency and consistency of approval results. Furthermore, we can use the scorecard to find a good balance between risk and potential reward.

Wei Zhanming
Deputy General Manager, CMB Credit Card Center
China Merchants Bank


Improve governance, focus and alignment.

Collaboratively gain agreement, direction and priorities for the short, medium and long term of key initiatives and goals. Translate this understanding through a series of connected strategy maps, themes, objectives and metrics that will guide and align the strategic activities of an organization.

Share fact-based information quickly.

Managers can cascade information about current performance and overall strategy within their own teams, and then allocate the right mix of resources – people, money and technology – to achieve strategic goals regardless of the timeline.

Show visual connections of objectives and metrics.

Monitor performance and visually identify opportunities and threats through cause-and-effect strategy maps and diagrams. Automated alerts ensure actions are taken in a timely manner. Share feedback and commentary on results to improve understanding and document various actions and expectations.

Identify and quantify potential strategic flaws.

Apply embedded statistical routines within the solution to validate the strategy and perform ad hoc what-if analysis. Where necessary, update the strategy based upon the results, and cascade to managers and employees.

Improve accuracy, consistency and timeliness of information.

Automate and schedule the extraction, cleansing and transformation of data used to populate the various metrics. SAS provides Web-based, manual data entry for metrics not currently captured electronically.



Strategy Management
  • Employ multiple strategy frameworks
  • Create and visualize strategy maps
  • Enforce cascade management
  • Simplify data integration
  • Use interactive dashboards, collaboration and alerts to communicate performance
  • Enable strategy validation and analytics

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