SAS Decision Manager software showing operational data models on desktop monitor

SAS® Decision Manager

Make fast, accurate decisions – and modernize your business

The daily decisions that propel your business should be based on science, not sentiment. Gut feel only gets you so far. Decision management technology from SAS helps you minimize the guesswork by applying analytics throughout your decision life cycle. You’ll get the best possible outcome to your operational business questions – as well as a documented, traceable process you can repeat to minimize risk.


Make sound decisions anchored in analytics.

Keeping your organization on track means consistently making the right moves. SAS Decision Manager empowers you to be confident and agile in your day-to-day activity by automatically generating rules based on operational data. Every decision is calculated. Precise. And solidly rooted in fact.

Automate processes, modernize your business.

Repeatedly coding processes that your business depends on is not only time-intensive, it also fosters inconsistencies and slows responsiveness. That’s why forward-thinking organizations rely on automation; their streamlined operational decisions routinely deliver the desired results.

Minimize risk with more operational control.

Operational decisions that aren’t automated can introduce risk and traceability – leaving you vulnerable to compliance issues. Our technology provides a complete, fully integrated solution with process definition, testing, security documentation and monitoring – all from a single environment.

Improve efficiency with flexible deployment options.

Decisions are most likely to hit the mark when you use the method of deployment that best suits your needs. SAS Decision Manager supports real-time, batch or in-database deployment. And with the click of a single button, you can also create a stored process of rule flows to maintain consistency.

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SAS Decision Manager software showing rule fired analysis on laptop monitor
  • Analytically derived business rules provide fact-based evaluations to determine the best possible action.
  • Comprehensive authoring and deployment environment enables formalized governance and auditability over decision flow.
  • Extensive, iterative testing and validation, including detailed rule fire analysis for improved accuracy.

  • Flexible deployment options that include real-time, batch and in-database deployments, as well as stored processes to promote consistency.
  • Single, unified interface delivers a high degree of automation and centralized control.

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