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SAS® Enterprise Content Categorization

Text classification software that automatically processes millions of documents as easily as just one

Transform large volumes of multilingual text into meaningful nuggets by using automatic text classification to extract what's important. Natural language processing (NLP) and advanced linguistic techniques extract important facts and concepts from text data in real time. New data is created to pinpoint relevant information with more than 90 percent accuracy – that's better than manual indexers.


Tame your big text data.

Separating what's truly important and needs attention from just the noise is critical to using big data for true organizational improvement. Using definitions that are both traceable and sophisticated, you can decipher big text data correctly and meaningfully to create the robust metadata needed to improve insights into the details behind the numbers.

Structure the unstructured.

Turn text documents into reusable assets by using text classification to add structure. Go beyond traditional classifiers. Use syntax building blocks for parts of speech and regular expressions. Identify concepts, extract facts, prioritize concepts over matches and more. Easily transform text into formats used by downstream applications like search and analytics.

Find what you need, when you need it.

Find the information you need – even if it has never been used before or you don't know its exact location. Extensive prebuilt linguistic operators add document-driven metadata to indexes. As a result, your searches surface only the most meaningful materials.

Purge content chaos.

It's the era of inexpensive commodity storage, but it still may not be efficient to keep all your data. By categorizing and extracting texts based on sophisticated linguistic rules and taxonomies, you can keep only what's needed. Filtering information before storing it reduces processing overhead.

Add-On Modules



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  • Categorization. Identify and classify key information that your business requires using advanced linguistic technologies.
  • Entity and fact extraction. Automatically detect and extract entities, facts and events from text.


  • Collaborative taxonomy management. An intuitive GUI lets you create and manage taxonomies in a secure, controlled and audited environment.
  • Add-on modules. A variety of add-ons are available, including prebuilt industry-specific taxonomy starter kits.

Technical Information

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SAS is easy to use and easily adapted to individual needs …

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