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  • SAS® Asset Performance Analytics

    SAS Asset Performance Analytics monitors equipment sensors, tags and machine-to-machine (M2M) data to identify hidden patterns that predict failures. This gives personnel time to schedule taking equipment offline for maintenance, avoiding unplanned downtime, revenue losses, and environmental, health and safety issues.

  • SAS® Asset Performance Analytics on SAP HANA SAS Asset Performance Analytics monitors equipment sensors, tags and machine-to-machine (M2M) data to identify hidden patterns that predict failures. This gives personnel time to schedule taking equipment offline for maintenance, avoiding unplanned downtime, revenue losses, and environmental, health and safety issues.
  • SAS® Asset and Liability Management SAS Asset and Liability Management provides a high-quality, integrated risk data infrastructure that measures exposure and risk across all risk types and books of business.


  • SAS® Banking Analytics Architecture SAS Banking Analytics Architecture provides a scalable business analytics framework for serving your analytical and business intelligence needs. The framework takes data from multiple, disparate operational systems, then formats, cleanses, transforms and stores it in a central data warehouse. The banking data model acts as a single version of the truth that stores information that is detailed, accurate, consolidated and complete.
  • SAS® BookRunner® Proactively capture, analyze and simulate energy risk
  • SAS® Business Intelligence Executive Dashboard Solution for Credit Unions SAS has partnered with Coastal Federal Credit Union to develop an executive dashboard solution specifically designed to meet the needs of credit unions. Powered by SAS Business Intelligence for Midsized Business – using SAS Analytics and data visualization – the executive dashboard delivers immediate benefits to credit union management via a solution that is: intuitive, flexible, customizable and scalable.
  • SAS® for Border Management The SAS® for Border Management solution helps border and customs officers achieve more accurate identification of high-risk travelers and freight with less disruption to legitimate passengers and cargo.


  • SAS® Cost and Profitability Management SAS Cost and Profitability Management delivers unmatched financial intelligence that gives businesses the power to maximize profits, contain costs, improve operational efficiencies and accurately predict future costs and resource requirements.
  • SAS® Cost and Profitability Management

    SAS Cost and Profitability Management hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers unmatched financial intelligence that gives you the power to maximize profits, contain costs, improve operational efficiencies and accurately predict future costs and resource requirements.

  • SAS® Credit Scoring

    SAS Credit Scoring is the only end-to-end solution for bringing credit model development, deployment and monitoring in-house. This complete solution delivers integrated data-set creation, in-house model development, data management, model validation and portfolio reporting – along with back-testing and regulatory documentation capabilities. The seamless, systemic integration of these steps reduces governance and implementation risk.  

  • SAS® Curriculum Pathways® SAS Curriculum Pathways provides Web-based learning environments by integrating proven instructional strategies and techniques. The product encourages active, collaborative and cooperative learning that challenges students to become critical thinkers. SAS provides an innovative approach where doing and seeing provide information and encourage insights in ways that textbooks cannot.
  • SAS® Customer Analytics for Banking SAS® Customer Analytics for Banking turns raw data into insight that banks can use to manage marketing strategy intelligently and increase customer retention. The integrated software infrastructure enables business users to analyze complex customer behavior hidden in large volumes of historical data.
  • SAS® Customer Analytics for Insurance SAS® Customer Analytics for Insurance turns raw data into insight that insurance companies can use to manage marketing strategy intelligently and increase premium revenue.
  • SAS® Customer Due Diligence

    Rate new customers and update existing customer scoring based on key events that could affect the overall risk of the relationship.  


  • SAS® Drug Development The life sciences industry is at a crossroads. In many ways, the industry’s future looks bright. The technological and scientific advances gained in the last several years enable the pursuit of innovative drug treatments and breakthrough medical discoveries that can save lives and enhance quality of life.


  • SAS® Enterprise Case Management SAS® Enterprise Case Management enables investigators and operational risk managers in a variety of industries to streamline processes and conduct more efficient, effective investigations.
  • SAS® Enterprise GRC Enterprise Audit Capability SAS Enterprise GRC helps internal audit departments provide greater value to their boards and companies. Using the solution's enterprise auditing component, users can prioritize the audit universe, create effective audit plans, employ computer assisted auditing techniques (CAAT), conduct continuous audit assignments, record issues and create action plans, as well as monitor status through resolution.
  • SAS® Episode Analytics

    SAS and the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3) have developed an advanced analytics solution that is based on the principles of HCI3’s earlier, groundbreaking PROMETHEUS Payment® system. It allows health care organizations to identify potentially avoidable care variation to mitigate financial risk and negotiate achievable gain-sharing targets for Accountable Care and Bundled Payment contracts.


  • SAS® Field Quality Analytics

    SAS Field Quality Analytics enables you to lower service and warranty costs, reduce operational risk and improve customer satisfaction. You can integrate field performance data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information to alert you to new issues sooner and help you find the root cause faster.

  • SAS® Field Quality Analytics on SAP HANA

    SAS Field Quality Analytics integrates all of the relevant field quality data from warranty systems, customer service records and more to automatically detect emerging issues before they have a significant impact on performance. SAS Field Quality Analytics increases your product and service quality, customer satisfaction and brand equity. 

  • SAS® Financial Crimes Suite SAS Financial Crimes Suite offers a common analytics platform and module-based solutions that provide solid protection against losses resulting from financial crimes by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of detection and prevention efforts.
  • SAS® Financial Management SAS® Financial Management is a sophisticated, robust solution that avoids the problems created by multiple ERP general ledgers and spreadsheets, and meets the demands for timeliness, accuracy and adaptability.
  • SAS® Financial Management Adapter for SAP Your route to faster financial intelligence
  • SAS® Firmwide Risk for Solvency II

    SAS Firmwide Risk for Solvency II performs risk analysis and risk-based capital calculations for insurers. A data management and reporting platform that includes an insurance-specific data model, you can implement the Solvency II standard model approach for calculating risk-based capital.

  • SAS® Fraud Framework for Health Care Is claims fraud just an unfortunate cost of doing business? It doesn’t have to be. The SAS Fraud Framework for Health Care takes a unique, hybrid approach to detecting and preventing both opportunistic and professional fraud at each stage of the claims process.
  • SAS® Fraud Management

    SAS Fraud Management is a full-service, enterprise solution, with the capabilities to monitor multiple lines of business on a single platform, and is the only fraud solution available that offers 100 percent real-time scoring and decision capabilities by looking at all transactions – including purchases, payments, fund transfers and nonmonetary transactions. No other system on the market provides this breadth of coverage.

  • SAS® Fraud Network Analysis SAS Fraud Network Analysis is an end-to-end solution for detecting and preventing organized and first-party fraud.
  • SAS® for Fusion Centers SAS offers a complete solution specifically developed for fusion centers. It reflects their priorities, practices and workflows, while accommodating differences in scope and avoiding the complexities of deploying and managing multiple systems.


  • SAS® High-Performance Risk SAS High-Performance Risk merges the power of an integrated risk platform with a high-performance analytics infrastructure, enabling you to assess your risk exposures with speed and precision so you can make quick, well-informed decisions that will safeguard and enhance the overall financial position of the firm.


  • SAS® Insurance Analytics Architecture SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture provides a robust business analytics framework for serving the business intelligence and analytical needs for both life and P&C insurance companies.
  • SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers provides a unified solution that seamlessly gathers and presents data to enable precision forecasting, decision optimization, inventory management and sales performance reporting.
  • SAS® for Intelligence Management The fight against terrorism, crime and other threats to public security depends on the availability of reliable intelligence. Successful operations need to be able to make use of information from a range of sources, including human intelligence (HUMINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT).


  • SAS® for Law Enforcement SAS Law Enforcement provides fast and effective management of information for basic users, supervisors, intelligence professionals and analysts.


  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Approvals Manager

    The Approvals Manager module of SAS Marketing Operations Management overcomes these issues by streamlining the approvals process and using a common interface for all the steps involved.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Artwork Producer

    Protecting your brand by ensuring that your marketing materials maintain a consistent look and feel can be challenging. It is especially difficult to ensure that branch and regional offices adhere to standardized templates, while also giving them the freedom to customize messages and graphics, or create their own materials. The Artwork Producer module of SAS Marketing Operations Management is the answer.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Calendars

    The Calendars module of SAS Marketing Operations Management lets you distribute vital marketing information in a graphical, user-friendly, timelinebased way to anyone who needs it. As the central interface into other SAS Marketing Operations Management modules, the Calendars module lets you view broad marketing plans, marketing calendars and even individual marketing activities, as well as all associated timeframes.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Capacity Planner

    Having sufficient resources is critical to the success of any marketing campaign. The Capacity Planner module of SAS Marketing Operations Management enables you to appropriately allocate resources in order to help ensure the success of your marketing programs.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Claims Management

    The Claims Management module of SAS Marketing Operations Management solves this problem by providing a central repository for storing and maintaining claims that have been approved by your regulatory or legal department.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Digital Asset Manager

    Today’s marketing organizations produce a wide range of rich-media content that includes text, graphics and photos, as well as audio and video. The Digital Asset Manager module of SAS Marketing Operations Management provides an easy-to-use, secure infrastructure for managing – and getting the most value out of – your digital assets.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Marketing Dashboard

    Every marketing organization could benefit from having a single point of controlled access to information pertinent to marketing teams and third-party vendors. The Marketing Dashboard module of SAS Marketing Operations Management delivers that single point of control via a comprehensive dashboard that shows a summarized view of all marketing information – plans, budgets, programs, projects, marketing events and marketing assets – along with the ability to drill down into details.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Marketing Knowledge Manager

    Marketing Knowledge Manager supports the ability to create multiple forums - each dedicated to a specific subject or project. The solution lets the marketing team appoint a moderator to ensure that all discussions are monitored.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Marketing Workbench

    Once your marketing plan is created, your focus shifts toward execution. SAS Marketing Operations Management helps you ensure the successful execution of all your marketing programs with a Marketing Workbench module that provides you with essential workflow capabilities.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Offer Management

    The Offer Management module of SAS Marketing Operations Management provides a centralized repository for creating and managing your marketing offers, along with an essential metadata structure that supports crucial information associated with your offers.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Reporting

    The reporting module of SAS Marketing Operations Management enables you to report on all your marketing operations activities quickly and easily, so you can ensure that your day-to-day marketing processes are operating as efficiently as possible.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Site Builder

    Site Builder enables users to create, maintain and publish a product information site for sales teams and customers without requiring any knowledge of HTML or any web editing tool.

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management: Strategic Planner

    The Strategic Planner module of SAS Marketing Operations Management facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders by providing full visibility into marketing plan objectives and schedules, along with mechanisms to enable stakeholders to transparently work together to create and approve plans.

  • SAS® Markdown Optimization Retailers need a proactive approach to optimize the revenue, margin and pace of markdowns – even at a store/SKU level – and SAS has the answer. Powered by SAS software’s superior analytics and built on a high-performance platform with decades of retail experience, SAS Markdown Optimization speeds time to insight, allowing retailers to make critical markdown decisions with precision while keeping inventory fresh and relevant.
  • SAS® Marketing Operations Management – Partner Channel Management

    When your marketing organization works with outside partners, vendors, creative agencies and others, the success of your marketing projects depends on providing these third parties with access to all information relevant to a project. But even though information sharing is important, so is privacy – and sharing everything with everyone is out of the question. The Partner Channel Management module of SAS Marketing Operations Management is the answer.

  • SAS® Marketing Operations Management – Product Information Management

    With the Product Information Management module of SAS Marketing Operations Management, marketing departments in product-based businesses can maintain a centralized product information repository that can feed multichannel marketing content.

  • SAS® Marketing Operations Management – Resource Management

    The resource manager module enables marketing organizations to better allocate human resources across various marketing projects or workflows within the marketing workbench component of SAS Marketing Operations Management.  

  • SAS® Marketing Operations Management – User Licenses

    SAS offers two separate types of licenses for SAS Marketing Operations Management – a full license and a consumer license.

  • SAS® Marketing Operations Management: Timesheets

    Using the Timesheets module in SAS Marketing Operations Management, employees log their daily work hours online and associate hours worked with specific marketing activities and/or projects. Designated approvers may then view, approve or reject daily timesheets, as well as add any comments.


  • SAS® OnDemand for Academics

    With SAS OnDemand for Academics, students and professors have quick access to leading software for data management and analytics, with multiple SAS applications available. On large or small volumes of data, students can study data analysis, statistics, research methods, math, economics, data mining, modeling comparisons, data exploration, data visualization and graphical reporting – all in a dynamic and visual Web environment.

  • SAS® OpRisk Global Data

    SAS OpRisk Global Data is the world’s largest, most comprehensive and most accurate repository of information on publicly reported operational losses in excess of US$100,000. The solution documents more than 32,000 events across all industries worldwide and provides up to 50 descriptive, categorization and financial elements.

  • SAS® OpRisk VaR SAS OpRisk VaR gives risk managers, senior managers and analysts a meaningful, organizationwide view of VaR, which enables them to improve risk processes and controls, optimize the allocation of capital reserves and mitigate the frequency and severity of risk events.
  • SAS® OpRisk VaR for Financial Services SAS OpRisk VaR, a key component of SAS OpRisk Management, integrates risk indicators and control assessment scorecard results for dynamic modeling of operational VaR. Having an accurate picture of VaR enables you to optimize capital allocation to satisfy business best practices and regulatory requirements.


  • SAS® Promotion Optimization SAS® Promotion Optimization provides retailers with proactive answers to drive profitable and targeted promotions, aligned with corporate strategy. The solution generates optimized price and promotional vehicle tactics by generating the industry’s most accurate demand forecast at the store/SKU level.


  • SAS Revenue Management and Price Optimization Analytics for Hospitality and Travel SAS Revenue Management and Price Optimization Analytics has a flexible and extensible design that facilitates the development of proprietary revenue management and price optimization capabilities.
  • SAS® Rapid Predictive Modeler SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler, a component of SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 6.2, empowers business analysts and subject-matter experts with easy-to-use capabilities for quickly generating their own predictive models based on their specific needs and scenarios. This enables a wide range of individuals to use and benefit from predictive models without having to always rely on a potentially limited pool of advanced analytic resources.
  • SAS® Regular Price Optimization SAS® Regular Price Optimization enables retailers to proactively plan, optimize and implement pricing based on a comprehensive understanding of consumers, demand and markets.
  • SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite for Retail The SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite provides a comprehensive view of consumer demand so retailers can optimize lifecycle pricing strategies and corporate profitability. It is the only solution capable of delivering the most accurate demand forecasts at the store/SKU level.


  • SAS and Teradata Analytic Advantage Program

    Discover how award-winning analytics and in-database technologies can help you better develop, deploy and manage your analytic models and processes.

  • SAS® Service Operations Optimization As post-sales service grows in importance, organizations are quickly working to differentiate themselves from the competition. Post-sales services present opportunities for potential growth in revenue and for tremendous cost reductions across the service chain. Although most organizations have figured out how to manage their service operations, it’s still a challenge to significantly improve them in top-line revenue and bottom-line cost to serve customers. SAS® Service Operations Optimization provides the ability to monitor, predict and optimize service operations, resulting in accelerated value across the service chain. An optimized service operation helps organizations attract and retain profitable customers for life.
  • SAS® Service Parts Optimization For organizations providing aftermarket services, it is crucial to manage service parts operations as efficiently and profitably as possible. However, erratic service parts demand, increasingly high customer service level requirements and delivery network challenges often lead to stock-outs or overages, obsolete inventory and missed service level targets. To streamline the service parts supply chain and improve overall profitability, you need a way to create meaningful forecasts and avoid stockouts and overages.
  • SAS® Social Network Analysis SAS Social Network Analysis helps insurers detect and prevent organized claims fraud by going beyond transaction and account views to analyze all related activities and relationships at a network dimension.
  • SAS® Solutions OnDemand: Drug Development

    SAS Solutions OnDemand: Drug Development provides a centralized, controlled and compliance-enabling platform for efficiently developing, executing and managing the transformation, analysis and submission of clinical research data.

  • SAS® Suspect Claims Detection

    SAS® Suspect Claims Detection analyzes service claim data in near-real time to identify suspicious claims and service providers. 


  • SAS® Transaction Monitoring Optimization

    SAS combines both qualitative and quantitative transaction monitoring to help customers meet compliance demands with greater efficiency by segmenting customers into similar groups for risk-based thresholds, reducing false positives and better managing models. 

  • SAS® Transaction Monitoring Optimization

    SAS® can improve transaction monitoring by applying in-memory capabilities and techniques that will speed up and add efficiencies to the optimization process, increase the customer activity being monitored, and reduce false-positive alert output.  


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