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Busting the Four Analytic Myths

Four on-demand webinars that might change your perspective on analytics and the role of IT


Recent IDC research has shed light on some widely held misconceptions about data, analytics, and the roles of IT and the CIO.

  • Myth 1: IT controls all data.
  • Myth 2: Technology poses the biggest challenge.
  • Myth 3: Everyone understands the value of analytics.
  • Myth 4: You can’t have analytics without IT.

You’re invited to take a look at four webinars, 10-15 minutes long, that explore why these myths exist – and why reality is much different. You’ll also have the opportunity to download the entire IDC research report.

Exclusive Sneak Peek

Word on the street

Before watching the full webinars, you might be interested in hearing what executives, experts and IT peers have to say about analytics myths in these minute-long interviews.

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