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I first spoke with Jill Dyché about her big-data-in-big-companies research with Tom Davenport in March. They had interviewed a handful of organizations, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank and UnitedHealthcare.

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They ended up speaking with executives from more than 20 companies about their big data initiatives. A few considered the information so critical to their competitiveness that they asked not to be named in the report (download the full report at

That didn't surprise Jill. What surprised her were the things executives didn't mention –and what that might indicate (see article).

And while it's fascinating to hear how UPS, and GE are doing amazing things with big data, it's important to keep in mind: Big data is not just for big companies. See how small-to-midsize businesses are exploring big data with visual analytics. And check out the Q&A with Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins to see how they're analyzing big data to improve lineups, ticket sales and win games.

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