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SAS is embarking into the brave new world of paperless publishing with an iPad version of sascom magazine. Many lovers of print (myself included) may mourn the switch, but with the meteoric rise in tablet usage, we're looking to the future, and the future is mobile.

Added to that, sascom readers are an e-loving crowd and open to change. The majority of our subscribers (65 percent) were already subscribed to our online edition, and in our last reader survey, 75 percent of our print subscribers were open to switching to e-reading.

Plus, it allows us to deliver so much more to you – video, slide shows and more – and allows you to easily share the articles that interest you. So, please check out the sascom magazine app in the iTunes App Store. Then you can explore, experiment with, enjoy (and share!) our content in this new medium. If you have comments and suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


Anne-Lindsay Beall, Editor-in-Chief
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