SAS and DataFlux combine to meet your changing data management needs

SAS DataFlux provides a unified data management strategy

As the amount and complexity of data skyrockets, the practice of managing that data must evolve. Organizations now collect data from numerous sources, including Internet applications, operational systems, partner networks and, increasingly, social media. An effective data management practice can add order to this influx of data – and ultimately determine the success or failure of key corporate initiatives, such as regulatory compliance, risk management and customer retention.

Working with its DataFlux brand, SAS has helped organizations around the world create more accurate and reliable data through a suite of data quality, data integration, data governance and master data management solutions. Recently, the company integrated the DataFlux team into SAS, giving SAS more experience and expertise to meet the growing demand for cross-functional data management solutions.

Incorporating DataFlux into SAS helps SAS customers build an integrated information management strategy that goes beyond data management and governance to support analytics and decision management.

Ultimately, success is about making better decisions faster than your competitors, which requires the ability to integrate information and analytic services directly in the operational applications, along with event processing, business rules, and workflow support. The SAS Information Management approach provides a closed loop cycle that feeds the result of the information and analytic service back into the process, which results in superior decisions.

The processes and technologies behind information management are becoming more critical for every enterprise – and SAS DataFlux is a key piece of an effective strategy.  

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