Analytics and big data on tap at SAS Government Leadership Summit

Fraud, health care, social media and high-performance analytics key topics

How to use analytics and big data to address critical public sector issues will top the agenda next week at the SAS Government Leadership Summit in Washington, DC. Government technology experts and thought leaders will together explore the role of analytics in driving down health care costs, preventing fraud and improper payments, and deterring threats to national security. Among the speakers is Michael Mendelbaum, PhD and co-author of The New York Times best-seller, That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back.

"Analytics and high-performance analytics can add significant value to government data and set the stage for smart government," said Thom Rubel, Vice President of Research, IDC Government Insights. Rubel will moderate a panel discussion on the evolution of analytics in government and its impact on improving program outcomes.

More than 200 federal government employees and systems integrators will discuss why the exponential growth of data – especially unstructured data from the Internet, social media, sensors and video – begs for high-performance analytics (HPA). Topics include analytics' vital role in delivering smart government and thriving in the big data avalanche.

Sessions featuring representatives from across the federal government cover:

  • Using Analytics to Predict and Prevent Fraud and Improper Payments.
  • Improving Health, Improving Care, Lowering Cost.
  • Using Your Data to Make a Better Workforce for Tomorrow.
  • Using Social Media More Effectively to Achieve Your Objectives.
  • Terror Finance: The War Behind the War on Terror.

"The broad representation of civilian, defense and industry speakers illustrates the great range of possibilities of analytics in government," said Karen Knowles, Vice President, SAS Federal. "The rapid growth of big data and high-performance analytics presents opportunities for sophisticated analyses and unprecedented time and cost savings."

Attendees will be able to see analytics in action at the Technology Showcase. Demonstrations include:

  • Preventing and detecting fraud and improper payment using the SAS® Fraud Framework for Government, and how SAS leverages data integration, rule generation, anomaly detection, predictive modeling and linkage capabilities.
  • Improving government HR management with a SAS solution for federal workforce planning and maintenance using advanced analytics.
  • A review of SAS Social Media Analytics, focusing on cases of interest to government agencies, including real-time event monitoring, trend analysis, public response to policy, early warning and counter-terrorism.
  • Real-world examples of predictive modeling in health care, including how models identify individuals at high risk of visiting the emergency room, and factors that predict avoidable emergency department visits.
  • How the new SAS Visual Analytics – an easy-to-use, Web-based product that uses SAS High-Performance Analytics to quickly explore huge volumes of data – helps uncover patterns and trends, and identify opportunities.
  • Proactively identifying risk associated with procurements, building near-real-time visibility into these risks, and providing useful feedback in the procurement processes and systems before the contract award occurs.

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