SAS Claims Analytics

SAS® Claims Analytics

Gain insights to improve quality of care and bend the cost curve

Quickly analyze all your claims data to answer the most complex questions on the business of health care and the health of your population. By creating a consolidated repository and applying superb data quality and data management practices, you’ll have an analytics-ready environment to generate complex health analytics on big health claims data. Customize your research and instantly view dashboards and reports showing the most critical health care metrics and measures.


Build an analytic foundation.

Take advantage of best-in-class data management, data quality, analytics and visualization tools – so your entire organization can make better evidence-based, business and clinical decisions. Scale your deployment as your needs demand and grow, and integrate with other SAS solutions such as SAS® Episode Analytics.

Generate precise health insights and foresights immediately.

SAS liberates the data and makes it approachable to different personas by providing an easy-to-use data visualization interface with role-based views. Design interactive web-based reports to analyze your claims data for the most effec­tive data-driven decision making possible.

Establish a single platform with one approach to better data.

Add any type of data source, including HIE and public health data, without hurting performance. Build an environment that meets stringent data security requirements such as HIPAA. Capture all information on indi­viduals and providers and get a holistic view of all relevant activity. Even detect claim anomalies, receive targeted feedback on the quality of your data, and increase the efficiency of the data management process over time.

Look at all claims data from many claims systems – faster.

Our big data and high-performance capa­bilities let you build a data infrastructure that will support growing amounts of claims and other types of data. SAS organizes the data for analytics readiness – saving you time and resources. Our automated data manage­ment gets you to analytics faster. And by using all your data for analysis – not just a sample – you get a consistent view of an individual, an ACO or any other entity.



SAS Claims Analytics
  • Fast, visual health analytics. No matter your skill level, formulate questions on the fly and explore the answers quickly on your entire claims data set.
  • Comprehensive data management. Transform and combine disparate data, remove inac­curacies, standardize on common values and cleanse data to create consistent, reliable information from one platform.
  • Big health care claims data. Designed for big data, SAS Claims Analytics combines all claims and associated data into one consolidated analytical platform – well into the future.
  • Built-in health care metrics and measures. Instantly see cost, utilization, quality and accessibility measures on your newest data – including the most critical health care metrics from easy-to-use dashboards and reports that automatically update as more data is added.

We’re creating a mechanism for partners across the state to access reports that are focused on measures they care about and that allow them to better visualize the data.

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