SAS for Law Enforcement

SAS® for Law Enforcement

An analytics-led approach to intelligence and policing

By merging accessibility with security, SAS for Law Enforcement provides agencies with a complete operational solution to support policing best practices.

Delivering secure, accurate and real-time information at every stage of the intelligence life cycle, the solution fully integrates with other systems and is capable of processing and analyzing large volumes of information to improve intelligence, reduce crime and protect citizens.


Provide fast and effective management of intelligence for basic users, supervisors, intelligence professionals and analysts.

Through support of the entire intelligence life cycle - from information collection to review, evaluation, development analysis and sharing - agencies can direct, track and audit information as it moves through the system.

Manage the process for recording crimes, missing persons, neighborhood issues and more.

Details of associated people, objects, locations and events can be captured with a standard process to improve accuracy and free officers' time for investigating incidents. By ensuring that those involved in an investigation are kept informed and can easily access the key facts, the solution helps ensure an efficient and coordinated response to crimes.

Track the investigation of criminal and other offenses, and the preparation of associated prosecution material.

The solution provides an offense-management capability and assists in the preparation of associated prosecution material. A linked process, up to and including the preparation of material to be presented to the judicial system for prosecution purposes, helps to ensure that prosecutions are well-prepared, more likely to succeed and less likely to fail on technicalities.

Reduce custody errors and irregularities while maintaining the duty of care required of the force.

Making the entire custody record available to everyone across the organization with proper permissions eases the administrative burden of booking detainees and managing the custody process. The solution can record and manage lost, found and seized property items, helping reduce administrative effort and increasing the chances that property will be returned to rightful owners.

Gain a single version of the truth.

Common core records ensure consistent and up-to-date information on people, objects, locations and events (POLE). This speeds up the policing process and enhances data quality, ensuring that there is a single version of each record held on the system.

Lower costs with a single, complete solution.

Eliminating the need for multiple data entries frees officers for more productive tasks, ensures relevant information does not get missed and helps mitigate the effects of reductions in officer numbers. The approach also reduces IT operational and support costs.



SAS for Law Enforcement on desktop
  • Intelligence management
  • Crime/event recording
  • Case preparation
  • Case management
  • Custody management
  • Investigation management
  • Property management
  • Data integration
  • Enterprise search
  • Link analysis
  • Reporting and dissemination

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