Intelligence Management

SAS® for Intelligence Management

Manage all key stages of the intelligence life cycle

With SAS for Intelligence Management, security and law enforcement agencies can rapidly and securely collect, process, evaluate, grade, analyze and disseminate intelligence garnered from big data.


Simple manual input process.

Users can quickly enter information – including from mobile devices.

Integrate big data.

SAS provides powerful functionality to integrate data from virtually any source and exchange data between different platforms.

Intelligence workflows.

This single solution supports the intelligence workflow through collection, processing, evaluation, grading, analysis and dissemination. This means key information is less likely to be delayed, misinterpreted or lost as it moves through the intelligence process.

Effective link analysis.

The ability to create and visualize links provides analysts with an overview of the structure of networks and of how people, objects and locations are connected, enabling users to gain a single view of the truth.

Common core records.

SAS for Intelligence Management provides a set of records using the people, objects, locations and events (POLE) methodology, ensuring that consistent and up-to-date information is available around that methodology.

Advanced search.

Engineered to ensure high-speed results, the search process enables rapid response and multiple searches. Users have instant access to real-time data and automated search, ensuring that they take account of the latest recorded developments.

Information dissemination.

The flexible dissemination process helps distribute intelligence to those across the organization (from commander level to officers in the field) who need it, when they need it and in the format they require.

Auditing users and information.

The SAS solution allows those with appropriate access to view the information collected and edited at different stages of the intelligence cycle, and also to audit the activities of specific users.



Intelligence Management
  • Complete intelligence management
  • Workflow that reflects intelligence processes and priorities
  • Rigorous supervision and sanitization process
  • Role-based security
  • Intelligence grading
  • Link analysis
  • Interface to GIS mapping

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