SAS® Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics

SAS® Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics

Delivering insight by consolidating diverse offender information

Consistent, accurate, complete views of offenders. SAS combines data from all sources across the criminal justice system and beyond to give magistrates, clerks, law enforcement and corrections officers a broad, easy-to-understand view to improve community and officer safety, reduce crime and victimization and optimize resources.


Make more-informed decisions.

With a holistic view of offender information across disparate systems and databases, criminal justice practitioners can make the right decisions faster.

Improve public and officer safety.

With shared, timely access to standardized offender data, criminal justice practitioners can respond to public and officer safety threats immediately – in a confident, coordinated manner.

Get notifications about important offender updates or status changes.

Rather than manually searching for status changes related to high-risk offenders, users can select offender watch lists and get immediate updates whenever there's a relevant activity or status change.

Be more productive and responsive to potential high-risk situations.

Through better coordination among different entities, criminal justice professionals can avoid duplicated efforts and remain focused and ready to respond to high-risk situations.

Access offender information easily, with an intuitive interface.

Find the information you need quickly, then use match lists, graphical views and drill-down capabilities to reduce time spent investigating offender background. The State of North Carolina Office of the Controller has saved $12 million annually using better data access and process efficiencies from SAS.



SAS® Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics
  • Data integration. Access data from any source – regardless of system or format – to give a comprehensive view of each offender.
  • Intuitive interface for all types of users. Search on whatever attributes are known.
  • Watch list capability. Set up watch lists comprising specific individual offenders.

  • Underlying analytics. Make better decisions and take faster actions based on underlying analytics capabilities that reveal insights into offender information.
  • Remote hosting option. Gain confidence with highly secure hosting for your sensitive information.

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