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Keynote Speakers

Chris Hadfield the Astronaut

Chris Hadfield

Colonel Chris Hadfield’s astronaut career spans 21 years, and includes three spaceflights and 2,650 orbits of Earth. During his time as Commander of the International Space Station in 2013, Col. Hadfield became a worldwide sensation when he harnessed the power of social media to make outer space accessible to all.

In 1992, Col. Hadfield was selected by the Canadian Space Agency as a NASA Mission Specialist. His missions have included flights on Space Shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour, and piloting the Russian Soyuz.

Col. Hadfield has also intercepted Soviet bombers in Canadian airspace, lived on the ocean floor, and served as NASA’s Director of Operations in Russia. He is a heavily decorated astronaut, engineer and pilot.

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson
Artist and Innovator

Artist and innovator, Neil Harbisson, has an antenna implanted in his head that allows him to hear the color spectrum, including infrareds and ultraviolets. He doesn’t feel he is using or wearing technology, instead he feels he is technology. Harbisson is the first person in the world to be recognized as a cyborg.

PBLS Speaker  - Dr. Jim Goodnight

Jim Goodnight
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SAS

As the CEO of SAS, the world’s leading business analytics software vendor, Jim Goodnight has led the company since its inception in 1976, overseeing an unbroken chain of revenue growth and profitability that is unprecedented in the industry. He is recognized globally for being a trailblazer among companies that top great workplace rankings.

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