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Howdy partner welcome to the big data corral
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Come on in and sit a spell. But be careful. This is a rough-and-tumble place – not the type of place you should be going if you don’t like data. Because data is everywhere here, blowing around like tumbleweeds.

And there’s only one type of person who can keep us safe. The good ol’ data steward.

That’s why every year we take a day to remember those folks who do their best to lasso the angriest, meanest, biggest, flat-out orneriest data this side of the Pecos. Data runs wild here, but the data stewards? They know how to wrangle it.

Think you know a good data steward who fits this profile? They’re a wanted bunch, so let us know who they are. Submit your entry by Nov. 25. The winner will be able to walk tall into the sunset – and become the 2016 Data Steward of the Year.

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