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Hey, data stewards! Are you ready to ROCK?!
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The crowd screams. Lights rise. You storm the stage, mounting steps two at a time because that’s what you do when you’re a star and you own the limelight. The fans chant your name: STEW-ARD! STEW-ARD!

It’s your moment. Soak it in.

Every year, we encourage data stewards to emerge from backstage to claim their true title: rockstar. Because they not only know everything about their companies’ data – they know how to make it sing. Those high notes? Yeah, they hit ’em. Every single time.

Announcing the 4th annual Data Stewards Day. Your job? Nominate the best data steward you know – whether it’s you or someone else. Then stand back while we turn the amp up to 11 and honor data stewards from all over the world.

Are you ready to MAKE SOME NOISE*?
(*And by “make some noise,” we mean “nominate your favorite data steward.” Same difference.)

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