Perry Gibson

Perry Gibson

Perry Gibson
Computing/analytics and software development professional recently retired from Kaiser Permanente, currently an independent consultant

Perry Gibson is a computer professional whose background and skills include the use of SAS® creatively in new technology, software development, web design/development, integrated analytics, systems and software support with cross-industry, cross-platform expertise. He combines skills across diverse computing, application and development environments and spans organizational boundaries, from analysts and technicians to CEOs. He helps his clients maximize productivity, profitability, business/technical intelligence and enterprise management. His contributions based on SAS have resulted in direct corporate profits, cost savings, software packages, presentation/publications and improved efficiencies in business, health care, IT and software development settings.

How long have you been using SAS®?

35 years.

What SAS products have you used in the past? What products and solutions are you currently using?

Multiplatform Base SAS, SAS/STAT®, SAS/GRAPH®, SAS/ETS®, SAS/CONNECT®, SAS/ACCESS® (DB2, Oracle, Teradata, PC Files, ODBC), SAS/OR®, SAS/SHARE®, SAS/FSP®, SAS/ASSIST®, SAS/EIS®, SAS/AF®, SAS/INSIGHT®, MXG, SAS IT Service Vision (now called SAS IT Resource Management), CA/NeuMics, SAS/IntrNet®, DDE.

Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ETS, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/ACCESS (DB2, Oracle, Teradata, PC Files, ODBC), SAS/OR, SAS/SHARE, SAS® Enterprise Miner™, SAS Integration Technologies, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, DDE, ODS, SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS High-Performance Analytics, SAS Visual Analytics Explorer, SAS Stored Processes, LSF Job Scheduler.

What is a problem you have solved using SAS?

A mainframe operating system needed intelligent interface extensions to dynamically control workloads (prior to Workload Manager) and jobs.

Designed and built SAS system interfaces that were integrated as part of operating system and controlled workloads, performance and jobs.

What is the most innovative way you have used SAS?

I designed and developed AwareView®, insightQOS® and E-ViEWS b-Reporter integrated intelligence software packages. These packages gather daily data, build composite enterprise indexes, collect the locations of stored graphs/reports for displays, facilitate ad hoc queries and integrate the data into a summary interval warehouse for viewing with a web services user interface. The user interface includes supplemental right-click menuing, XML-based mini-reporting and generated HTML/XHTML and XML.

What is your most memorable SAS moment?

I created my son's name using PROC PLAN (Cadin, 1985).

How has SAS changed in the time you have been using it?

SAS has changed dramatically many times with ever-increasing and expanded use of technology dimensions and power. Considering the span of mainframe-only interaction in my early TSO and batch experiences to the use of VAE in a big data environment, I have realized dramatic incremental increases in productivity over time, based on the changes in SAS technology and the number of platforms I can treat singularly.

Have you ever attended a SAS users group meeting or SAS Global Forum? If yes, please list them.

I've been to several WUSS and Los Angeles Basin SAS Users Group meetings (also designed, developed and maintained the LABSUG website), and I've conducted many Kaiser Southern California SAS Users Group meetings, as well as Kaiser SCAL SAS Day events.

Also, as a long-term computer measurement professional, I attended and gave many presentations based on SAS applications (including coauthoring a Computer Measurement Group Best Paper Award paper) and on my own integrated analytic software package that had a SAS engine.

Has your work with SAS been influenced by any other members of the SAS community?

Many thanks go to all the people whose information landed on the SAS and search websites and to those who have contributed to the multitude of useful presentations and publications available to us all. The following people definitely deserve to be mentioned in my context: Chris Hemedinger, Dan Squillace, Art Carpenter, Michael Raithel and Jack Hamilton.

If you could point a new SAS user to one resource, what would it be?

In the old days I pointed new users to SAS.Sample (Datashow), then when SAS/ASSIST came along I pointed them there and had them look at the generated code for learning. More recently I have done the same with SAS Enterprise Guide.

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