SAS for Fusion Centers

SAS® for Fusion Centers

Safely deliver intelligence when and where it's needed

Within a single, secure platform, your law enforcement or security agency can process and corroborate information from multiple data sources in order to produce intelligence that can be used by analysts, investigators, officers and commanders in a fast, secure and effective way to act upon threats to the public.


Save resources with a single, broad solution.

Your agency can manage all of the key processes involved in sharing information between security agencies rapidly, effectively and securely. SAS for Fusion Centers is designed to meet the specific needs of different fusion center policies and procedures.

Disseminate intelligence.

Our solution is supported by SAS reporting technology that produces intelligence products tailored to disseminate information to those who need it in a timely manner and appropriate format through alerts, intelligence briefing packs, and strategic or tactical reports.

Manage every stage of the intelligence life cycle.

SAS supports the whole process of turning raw data into valuable intelligence through appropriate workflow, review, analysis and sharing processes, while minimizing your risk that valuable information will be lost or delayed. By combining multiple sources of intelligence, you gain a corroborated and comprehensive view of the threat landscape.

Monitor to improve performance.

With SAS performance metrics, your center can automatically generate reports summarizing key activities for all stakeholders. Detailed metrics let you track and improve performance and justify future funding. And by improving the efficiency of many day-to-day tasks, analysts and key personnel can be freed to focus on strategic responsibilities, ensuring a more productive allocation of resources.



SAS for Fusion Centers
  • SARs and investigation workflows. Collect, vet and connect SARs to build an overall picture.
  • Threat assessment. Use workflow, processing and analytical tools to identify the most serious threats.
  • Intelligence development. Deliver secure, accurate and timely intelligence management – from information collection to review, evaluation, development analysis and sharing.

  • Information and resource management. Configure the central platform to support nearly any type of information management initiative.
  • Reporting and intelligence. Deliver intelligence to those who need it, where they need it, when they need it.
  • Performance metrics. Summarize key activities of the fusion center through automated reports.

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