SAS Anti-Money Laundering

SAS® Anti-Money Laundering

Get high-performance protection and full AML compliance

Take a risk-based approach to monitoring transactions for illicit activity. Only SAS delivers high-performance analytics and multiple detection methods so you can monitor more risks – in very large data volumes – in minutes, not hours, to comply with anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing regulations. And safeguard your institution’s reputation.


Monitor more transactions in less time.

Process more than 2 billion transactions in a single night. And test, tune and simulate scenarios in seconds, not hours. Array processing lets you monitor multiple risks during a single pass of the data, so you can add numerous scenarios and risk factors with little to no impact on processing time.

Improve alert quality and accuracy.

Predictive alert analytics scores alerts prior to passing them on to investigators. This significantly reduces false positives, cuts staffing hours required for triage, and more accurately identifies actions and relationships that present the greatest risk.

Conduct faster, more thorough investigations.

A customizable alert management hub gives you a holistic view of work items. The intuitive interface provides fast access to all relevant information, which speeds the review and decision-making process for more efficient triage. A relationship grid helps investigators review subjects faster by quickly assessing party details associated with suspicious behavior.

Zero in on criminals and organized rings – fast.

With entity link analysis, you can visualize transactional relationships to understand the source of funds and behaviors that may indicate organized rings. The solution’s data model includes correspondent banking scenarios to strengthen the detection layer. A peer group anomaly component compares an entity’s behavior to its historical behavior and the behavior of its peer groups.

Reduce AML compliance costs.

Fewer false-positive alerts mean your investigators spend less time processing exceptions without sacrificing coverage. As a result, there's more time available to focus on high-risk events. Once suspicious behavior is identified, a seamless workflow increases the effectiveness and efficiency of investigations.

Get up and running quickly.

The solution's financial services-specific data model is optimized for financial crimes analytics. It incorporates data management best practices from more than a hundred successful implementations, which means a faster implementation time.



SAS Anti-Money Laundering
  • High-performance analytics and visualization. Supercharged scenario tuning dramatically reduces scenario time frames from hours to just minutes. 
  • Data management. Comprehensive data management capabilities provide access to cross-channel data via an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
  • Customer due diligence/KYC. Automatically integrate a customer’s on-board risk score with actual transactional behavior, and monitor high- and medium-risk customers more aggressively.
  • Alert management. A flexible alert management hub provides complete, centralized case management capabilities.
  • Suspicious activity monitoring and reporting. A robust, flexible scenario engine automates transaction monitoring and behavior detection for SAR and CTR filing.
  • Watch-list matching. Sanctions and other watch lists can be imported to identify persons, organizations or high-risk jurisdictions that represent regulatory risk.
  • Compliance analytics. Predictive models score the likelihood that an alert will contribute to a productive investigation.
  • Integrated case management. Web-based user interface supports the management, investigation and reporting needs of analysts and investigators.

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