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SAS® Contextual Analysis 

Easily add structure to your unstructured data

What key business insights could be hidden in the documents on your desk or in system files? Content analysis software from SAS transforms unstructured data into organized information to give you a competitive edge. You can identify emerging issues. Spot trends. And better understand your business and customers.


Analyze large amounts of text – quickly and easily.

It takes too much time and effort to manually organize and review documents. SAS Contextual Analysis gets it done in an instant – and from a single, integrated environment. You’ll achieve order out of chaos, save resources and, ultimately, reduce costs.

Identify new insights, make big moves.

How do potential customers perceive your business? What unforeseen problems might stall progress? Which emerging trends are rife with potential? These questions can’t be answered with a quick skim of corporate documents. SAS Contextual Analysis helps you dig deep, uncover truths and take action.

Customize an approach that meets your needs.

Combining machine learning with subject-matter expertise gives you exceptional control over your text analysis. The technology identifies common themes, category rules and document sentiment – and then you modify the results to get the precise type of information you’re looking for.

Prepare your data for more advanced tasks.

Content analysis software from SAS not only reveals insights, it also sets the stage for new opportunities. Organizing your data is the first step toward implementing other technologies, such as visual analytics. You’ll know more, so you can accomplish more.

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SAS Contextual Analysis software showing cloud display on a desktop monitor
  • Single system for guided text model development and deployment. Simplify your tasks and gain more control by working from a single environment.
  • Hybrid approach to document categorization. Combine machine learning technology with subject-matter expertise for a fully customized system.
  • Natural language processing. Eliminate the need for tedious manual definitions so you can work consistently and save time.
  • Automatic discovery of topics for initial taxonomy development. Pinpoint central themes across multiple documents quickly and easily.
  • Generation of configurable rules and improved linguistic context. Allow the technology to create categorization rules, then enhance them with defined concepts.
  • Direct integration with SAS. Prepare your data for other technologies from SAS, including SAS® Visual Analytics.

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