Service Operations Optimization

SAS® for Service Operations Optimization

Transform your service organization from a tactical cost center to a strategic profit center

Monitor, analyze and optimize your service operations. With SAS, you can reduce your overall costs of serving and managing existing customers by optimizing your resource utilization. In addition, you'll increase customer lifetime value by enabling more product and service cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


Optimize customer satisfaction levels.

Measure, identify and optimize customer satisfaction levels throughout the customer life cycle. You can even quantify the impact that individual agents have on satisfaction levels. Our solution also helps you identify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction so you can quickly resolve both individual and systemic issues.

Boost productivity.

Monitor agent and technician performance to identify areas for improvement. Near-real-time, comprehensive performance dashboards empower agents and managers to quickly identify both individual and departmental issues in order to improve performance, optimize staff resources and eliminate unproductive activities.

Manage and improve quality.

Quickly identify quality issues and trends occurring at the individual, team or departmental level, so you can take action fast to resolve any problems. Managers and agents receive continuous feedback so they can improve the overall quality of the customer service experience.



Service Operations Optimization for desktop
  • Call pattern analysis.
  • Call resolution analysis.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Suspect claims analysis.
  • Performance ranking.

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