Contact Center Planning and Optimization

SAS® Contact Center Planning and Optimization

Lower contact center costs while improving customer satisfaction and retention

Use the strength and expertise of SAS Business Analytics to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

We enable you to better predict service volume, optimize staffing and identify drivers of customer behavior, service demand and performance.

The use of business analytics on contact center interactions enables management to extract critical business insight that would otherwise be lost.

The Aberdeen Group
Contact Center Analytics: Better Interactions, Happier Customers
October 2011


Improved customer satisfaction.

  • A comprehensive view of the transaction/contact environment.
  • Integrated analytical capabilities to quickly and precisely identify drivers that affect customer satisfaction.
  • Insights to help design better treatment strategies.

Reduced service costs.

  • More advanced and efficient forecasting and predictive capabilities integrated with advanced staff optimization capabilities.
  • Improved tactical and strategic planning.
  • An appropriate mix of personnel meets demand at reduced costs.

Increased operational efficiency.

  • Fully integrated staff optimization more accurately aligns the appropriate staff skills.
  • Better forecasting to meet predicted consumer demand.
  • More likely to get the right call to the right agent at the right time.

Increased productivity.

  • A fully integrated analytic workbench that provides data analysis tools to identify the factors that impede first contact resolution.
  • Improved operational decision-making processes, leading to improved productivity.

Proactive issue response.

  • Analytically driven early-warning capabilities to identify pending issues that affect service.
  • Proactive resolutions that help mitigate the effects of service issues to customers.
  • Prompt responses that protect brand image and market share.



Contact Center Planning and Optimization
  • Contact center foundation data mart.
  • Forecasting workbench.
  • Staff optimization workbench.


  • Analytic workbench.
  • Early-warning/alert mechanism.
  • Prebuilt business analysis reporting. 

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