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Alan Gormley SAS Ireland

Why the decline of outbound marketing is A Good Thing for the Analytical Marketer

Many marketers see the constant headlines about the uses and abuses of our data as A Bad Thing. Marketers cry: “If customers won’t share their data, how will we run outbound campaigns and talk to them when we need to? We’ll have to wait for them to contact us! We’re doomed.” But there’s a renegade band – the Analytical Marketers – who disagree. We actually see the rise of inbound marketing as A Good Thing.

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Paul Acton SAS Ireland

Tomorrow’s breakthroughs today: more effective cohort recruitment is already here

The future sounds bright but there’s still the ‘small’ matter of rigorous clinical trials standing between the vision and the reality. And, as every CRO and pharma company knows, the key challenge is finding the patients and methodologies to run reliable, effective and cost-efficient trials.

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John Farrelly circle

Overcome big data dread: how visual analytics makes your data work for you

Have you ever played buzzword bingo? You make a list of overused yet little-understood words and tick them off over the course of a meeting. You’ll know the kind of thing: leverage, blue-sky thinking, bandwidth…I could go on. There’s one I’d like to add to the list: big data.

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Martin Duffy SAS Ireland circle

Ireland the “goodest” country in the world? 5 common sense rules for data analysis

So Ireland has picked up another glowing accolade for the national mantelpiece, this time for our positive contribution to humanity and the planet. That’s right, we’re the “goodest country in the world”. It’s a catchy headline but, I have to ask, what does it mean?

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Alex Manek SAS Ireland

Change the record: how to use stats and analysis to shift organisational debate

The key is to find one metric that is valuable to, or has consequences for, everyone. And then use it to change the narrative. This can be done using simple analysis; you find the metric that correlates to all the others and use that as your new barometer. By continuing to report on this barometer, and putting it into context, it is easier than you might think to get buy-in and a positive reaction from employees.

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Paul Acton SAS Ireland

Don’t fall at the last hurdle: drugs are only as strong as your clinical trial data

The changing landscape is exciting news for the pharma industry. But, as clinical trial data is the pulse of any life sciences company, it’s imperative they give serious thought to how to integrate their huge data repositories, standardise, and ensure data quality.

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Alan Gormley SAS Ireland

Power to the people: Irish switchers are good news for analytical marketers

So it seems we Irish have gone from grudging acceptance of bad service…to an empowered people of hyperactive ‘switchers’. A survey from Accenture shows that 72% of Irish consumers have actively moved their spending away from companies that do not deliver: up 11% on last year and way higher than the global average of 54%.

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Martin Brennan circle

How Irish organisations can work together to beat sector-agnostic fraud

Modern fraudsters don’t specialise in banking, insurance, tax or welfare crime; they simply take the path of least resistance to get their hands on the cash, regardless of industry or channel. So it’s essential for private and public sectors to think in the same way, and work together to beat the would-be criminals.

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Martin Duffy SAS Ireland circle

Action! Why big data analytics projects fail

Most people would agree that technology in itself is just a tool; it’s what you do with it that counts. So you’d be amazed by how many companies invest in data analytics ‘solutions’ without first asking themselves what business problems they want to solve, or which actions they want to take.

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Stephen O'Reilly SAS

From Ironman to customer journeys, we’ve all got a big data problem

Like many others in Ireland, I’ve been consumed by the get fit/keep fit craze. Many a weekend you’ll find me tackling half marathons, triathlons or adventure races up and down the country. But my competitive nature is leaving me with a problem: a big data problem

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Emmet Dowling SAS

Should we use data analytics to predict and shape our children’s future?

With science and technology changing the job market at a staggering pace, there’s a good chance that in 10 years they’ll be starting careers that don’t even exist yet. And, in a global economy, they won’t be just competing against their classmates, or the county, for jobs or university places. They’ll be up against candidates from all over the world.

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