Risk Data Aggregation & Reporting (BCBS 239)

16 September 2014, 2.00pm - 2.30pm

In the aftermath of the crisis, banks and regulators have realised that, while banks are awash with data, the information within this data was not being delivered to those who needed it most in a timely or actionable manner. BCBS 239 provides banks with an opportunity to unearth this information to deliver high quality information and confident decision making across the entire organisation. In 30 minutes learn:

  1. Why do we need BCBS 239?
  2. What is the essence of BCBS 239 and what must financial institutions do?
  3. Why SAS and how can we help with BCBS 239 compliance?
Vince Kilkoyne

Presenter: Vince Kilkoyne, Risk Specialist, SAS UK&I

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Insider Fraud - Using analytics to detect the invisible

02 October 2014, 2.00pm - 2.30pm

With the use of business analytics proven to help insurers save around 2% of their annual claims spend, this free-to-attend SAS webinar will examine key areas that insurers need to consider in order to successfully integrate analytics into their fraud programs and will include real-life examples covering the following key topics:

  1.  The devil is in the data – fundamentals to tackle before detection can begin
  2.  The power of analytics to transform your fraud detection capability
  3.  The challenge of preventing fraud – moving analytics into the new business process
  4. What really works? How to ensure value is delivered in your anti-fraud processes
David Hartley

Presenter: David Hartley, SAS Fraud Specialist, SAS UK&I

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