Peter Robertshaw

Marketing Director, SAS UK & Ireland

Peter Robertshaw joined as marketing director SAS UK & Ireland in November 2013. He is responsible for leading the marketing strategy to further enlighten and engage businesses on how SAS finds answers to their business problems.

With big data providing the fuel for the information economy, and the technology now being available to process and analyse all this data, the marketing strategy aims to highlight the other ingredients needed for the UK to take advantage of this opportunity and not risk falling behind other economies around the world. As well as emphasising the multiple solutions SAS provides through advanced analytics in areas such as digital marketing, risk and fraud, there is a growing demand for staff and graduates with the necessary expertise to harness value from data.

Peter joined SAS after building his reputation at SAP in the early 2000s, being one of the core members of the management team as the business became the dominant ERP vendor in the UK. In his most recent role as global marketing director with Active Risk, he embraced digital marketing and social media as an integral part of the marketing campaigns for this risk management software company.

Prior to that he was global marketing director with IFS, the Swedish ERP provider, and earlier in his career worked for Dun & Bradstreet and Unilever.


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