Winnipeg SAS User Group

The semi-annual Winnipeg SAS User Group meetings offer presentations, discussions and networking opportunities which can help Winnipeg-area SAS users get the most out of their SAS software.

The next Winnipeg user group meeting will take place some time in 2015, please check back for more information. .

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Why not join us in the  SAS Canada Community ? Designed to support SAS users with a unique Canadian perspective, this environment features SAS staff, supporters and thought leaders from across the country discussing SAS topics and offering SAS content.

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn or Facebook? If so, search the ‘groups’ function to locate Canadian SAS user groups, including the Winnipeg SAS Users Group. Join for professional networking, SAS related discussions and event notifications, and to become more involved with your local SAS user community!

Are you interested in joining a dynamic team of volunteers dedicated to helping promote and support SAS usage in Manitoba? With a minimal annual time commitment, you can help grow your stature in the Winnipeg SAS community by supporting the organizational elements of the local SAS user group.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Matt Malczewski.


Entry Level SAS Working with Excel: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (September 2014)

Predictive Modeling Using SAS: Lorne Rothman, SAS Canada (September 2014)

Update From SAS: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (September 2014)

Posed Problem Solutions: Various Authors (September 2014)

Client/Data Server Environment: Charles Burchill, University of Manitoba (March 2014)

Top 10 Coding Efficiencies: Charu Shankar, SAS Canada (March 2014)

Spotlight on Winnipeg's SAS UG: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (Spring 2014)

SAS/IML Language: Yao Nie, University of Manitoba (Spring 2014)

Row-less SET Statements: Craig Kasper, Manitoba Health (May 2013)

Logistics Regression: X Yao, L Lix, University of Manitoba (May 2013)

Integrated Data Warehousing: Gabriel Toichoa, Assiniboine Community College (October 2013)

A Closer Look at Proc Compare: Humaira Khair, CancerCare Manitoba (Fall 2013)

C to the Power of 3: Roushain Akhter, Manitoba Health (October 2013)

Arrays -Data Step Efficiency: Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting Inc. (Spring 2012)

GLMSELECT -Model Selection: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (May 2012)

Analysis of Student Outcomes: Randy Roller, University of Manitoba (Spring 2012)

From Program to Program to Macro: Craig Kasper, Manitoba Health (Fall 2012)

Reading Sharepoint List Data: Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting Inc. (Fall 2012)

Dynamic Data Exchange: Rachel McPherson, Government of Manitoba (October 2012)

Stored Processes With Dynamic Prompts: Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting Inc. (April 2011)

Using Recursion: Nathaniel Derby, Stakana Analytics (April 2011)

Optimizing SAS -Tips and Techniques: Craig Kasper, Manitoba Health (October 2011)

SAS For Government: Tara Holland (October 2011)

Book Review: Charles Burchill, University of Manitoba (Fall 2010)

ODS Graphics Design: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (April 2010)

KML Macro -SAS and Google API: Mahmoud Azimaee, University of Manitoba (Fall 2010)

What's New in SAS 9.2: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (April 2009)

By Group Processing: Charles Burchill, University of Manitoba (Fall)

Proc Means and Proc Univariate: Marjorie Smith, Cereal Research Centre

Bonus Paper: Nathaniel Derby, Stakana Analytics

Using Proc GMAP: M Smith, S Woods, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Proc Helper -Proc Tabulate: Randy Roller

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