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The Data Mining Forum is an opportunity for you to explore Data Mining related issues, share ideas and discuss industry standards and trends with your peers. Each session will explore current trends, new technology and Data Mining techniques through presentations and discussion sessions. As always, these meetings are free to attend.

Our next meeting will be taking place on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. A detailed agenda and an opportunity to register will be made available as soon as possible.

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The Use of Data in Commercial Lines: Dahchour, Scarth & McGee Northbridge (May 2014)

Reject Inference for Credit Adjudication: van Berkel BMO (May 2014)

Logistic Regression Model: Jiarui Dang (October 2013)

Scoring Models, Probability Transformations & Model Calibration: Benamara, Dzieciolowski Rogers (October 2013)

SAS EM Code Node Tips: Lorne Rothman SAS Institute (October 2013)

SAS Visual Analytics: Trussell SAS Institute (May 2013)

Pricing Optimization Unsecured Lending: Jane Zhong Scotiabank (May 2013)

Survival Model and Attrition Analysis: Charles Chen, TD Canada Trust (March 2012)

Data Quality Assurance: Mahmoud Azimaee, University of Manitoba (2012)

Computer Resource Usage in Data Mining: Masoud Charkhabi, CIBC (May 2012)

Modeling Interaction Effects in Linear and Generalized Linear Models: Timothy Gravelle, PriceMetrix Inc. (Fall 2012)

Survival Data Mining in SAS EM: Lorne Rothman (Fall 2012)



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