Definitons and Guidelines

A Canadian SAS users group is defined by a group of SAS software users from

  • the same geographic area (eg. City, province, region)
  • the same company (eg. In-house Users Groups)
  • the same industry/special interest (eg. Medical government, ABM, etc.)

Canadian SAS Users Groups can be of two formats:
SAS Canada supports a network of regional users groups through the groups' executive committees. The executive committees essentially determine the agenda of topics to be discussed at regular meetings, and SAS Canada provides some speakers, as well as support for costs such as the venue, refreshments, and more.This makes the cost of attending user group meetings absolutely free to SAS users!


Users Sessions - As we search for local interested parties to establish regional users groups with, some parts of the country will continue to be supported directly by SAS Canada for user meetings. User Sessions—user group-style meetings—will be organized and run by SAS Canada staff. While users groups normally occur twice a year, user sessions are offered once a year in the Spring or Fall. Please let the Customer Value team know if you are interested in helping to establish a user group in your area.

User Group Executive teams

  • The regional User Group Executives are always looking for dedicated and motivated individuals to join their teams.  You can enhance your managerial and leadership skills by serving as a user group officer, coordinating involvement in annual and regional SAS user group conferences, or organizing a new user group.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • President – Arranges planning sessions with User Group executive team; ensures that all User Group tasks are being performed; spokesperson for the user group; acts as primary contact between User Group and SAS; sign off on paperwork; hosts user group meetings
  • Vice-president – Helps president; steps in when not there; shares responsibilities with president; arranges appropriate topics and speakers for user group.
  • User-Exchange Coordinator – Works with VP to arrange for speakers; gathers presentation/meeting suggestions and feedback from attendees; plans agendas
  • Treasurer / Facilities Coordinator – Books room, catering and equipment for meetings; keeps track of budget requirements and costs.
  • Invitations & database – Maintains contact list of attendees; communicates upcoming meeting details to local Users; helps with meeting registration desk
  • Secretary / newsletter – Takes minutes; gathers local content for SAS User newsletter (INSIGHTS); helps with meeting registration desk
  • Webmaster – ensures that the website info is up to date.  Gathers content for upcoming meeting details, past presentations and general user group news to be posted on the site. 
  • Special Interest Group Co‑ordinator* – if breakout sessions are going to occur, this person will be responsible for coordinating subject experts to facilitate the discussions.

Please visit your local User Group page to learn more about the opportunities that are available in your region.


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