The SAS Commitment to Academia

Resources for Academic Instructors and Institutions

"Your SAS expertise has never been more valuable or more in demand. and not in statistics, but also in such diverse areas as marketing, finance, economics, molecular biology, geology, engineering life sciences and of course MBA programs.”
Dr. Jim Goodnight, Founder and CEO of SAS

SAS is introducing the Academic Program in Canada to help Instructors and Academic Institutions maximize their students' educational experience.

Take a moment to review the helpful resource material below, aimed at educating and making curricula planning straightforward and more effective.

Valuable Material and Resources for Professors:

The Tools:

  • Curriculum Consulting
    SAS provides a wide array of consulting expertise and resources that can help you effectively integrate SAS into your curricula, either as a comprehensive certificate program, a degree, or as an individual course.
  • Sample Data Sets
    We recognize that professors often have trouble obtaining data sets that are suitable for teaching specific concepts in statistics. To assist in that area, SAS has assembled a library of SAS data sets.
  • Academic Evaluation Copy Program
    SAS Publishing is pleased to offer evaluation copies of some of our publication resources to professors who are interested in teaching using SAS. These include books from our SAS Press library, samples of our award winning Self Paced E-Learning and SAS Learning Edition. Whether you are teaching students how to use SAS or using the power of SAS to apply intelligence to any data in any discipline, we have a variety of resources available to you.
  • Point-and-Click – SAS® Enterprise Guide
    This is an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface to the power of SAS. Many professors are including SAS in course curricula to provide their students the necessary skills for the competitive global marketplace. SAS Enterprise Guide runs on the Windows operating environment. See a demonstration of SAS Enterprise Guide.

Point-and-Click – JMP for Statistical Discovery
The JMP Academic Partnership offers professors and students the opportunity to teach, learn and develop research projects using the full capabilities of JMP used by corporations worldwide – at a fraction of the corporate licensing fees. JMP runs on the Mac and Windows operating environments.

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For Your Students:

  • Help your Students Excel
    Students may benefit from either the student, fellowship program allowing access to training and software, or may be eligible for the student ambassador's award for using SAS.
  • SAS' certification offerings help you develop valuable SAS skills that you can apply in a wide range careers in private industry, government and education.

Staying in the know:

SAS User Groups
All across Canada local user groups are a great way to meet fellow users and hear helpful presentations on late breaking topics.

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