Saskatoon SAS Users Group (SUCCESS)

The semi-annual SUCCESS meetings offer presentations, discussions and networking opportunities which can help Saskatoon-area SAS users get the most out of their SAS software.

The next SUCCESS meeting will take place on Thursday, March 12th, 2015. Remember, it's always free to attend! You can register here and a detailed agenda appears below.

8:30am - 12:00pm
University of Saskatchewan, Agriculture Building (Room 1E80)
51 Campus Drive

8:30-9:00 – Registration and Light Breakfast

9:00-9:05 – Words of Welcome (Mark Horseman, User Group President)

9:05-9:20 – News from SAS (Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada)

9:20-10:00 - Getting Correct Results Out of PROC REG (Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics)

10:00-10:10 – Maintaining Formats when Exporting Data from SAS into Microsoft Excel (Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics)

10:10-10:30 – SAS Solutions to Create Episodes-of-Hospitalization for Health Services Research (Meric Osman, Health Quality Council of Saskatchewan)

10:30-10:50 – Networking Break

10:50-11:30 – An Introduction to the Analysis of Rare Events (Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics)

11:30 -11:40 – SUCCESS Elections

11:40 - 12:00 - Prize Draw & Closing Remarks

Meet the Executive:
Immediate Past-President - Eric Wang
President - Peter Beug
Vice-President - Mark Horseman
Program Chair -
Local Arrangements Chair - Rob Merritt
Technical Director - Brent Burlingham

The current Executive is looking to a wonderful enthusiastic and dedicated Executive team for the Saskatoon Users Group.

The time commitment is minimal: most work is done over email in advance of the meetings.

Please consider joining us if you'd like to grow your SAS profile, enjoy close connections with SAS Canada and of course, if you'd like to help support fellow SAS users in Saskatoon. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Matt Malczewski.

Get involved

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Statistics in EG: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (March 2014)

A Quick into to SAS Arrays and Do Loops: Gopinath Narasimhan, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (March 2014)

What's new in Foundation SAS for 9.4: Charu Shankar, SAS Canada (March 2014)

Top 10 Coding Efficiencies: Charu Shankar, SAS Canada (March 2014)

SAS Coding "Did You Know": Tara Holland, SAS Canada (May 2013)

EG 4.3 Programming Gains from Point and Click: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (May 2013)

Automagical Reporting: Jacqueline Quail, Health Quality Council (May 2013)

PROC MCMC: Various Authods (May 2013)

Introduction to Proc Transpost: Beug, University of Saskatchewan (October 2013)

SAS Macro for Univariate Logistic Regression: Masud Rana, University of Saskatchewan (October 2013)

Presenting at SUCCESS: (2013)

Getting the Most out of Social Media as a SAS User: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (May 2012)

Additive Hazards Models in SAS: Sabuj Sarker, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (May 2012)

Encryption & Encoding with SAS: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (May 2012)

ODS Statistical Graphics and the SAS GTL: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (May 2012)

Using SAS to Match Cases for a Case-Control Study: Wenbin Li, Health Quality Council (May 2012)

Relative Survival Analysis Using SAS: Sabuj Sarker, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (October 2012)

Using SAS to Map Petroleum Distributions: (October 2012)

Introduction to SAS IML: Hitesh Bhatt, University of Saskatchewan (April 2011)

PROC SQL Why and How: Nate Derby (April 2011)

Using Proc Transpose to Manipulate Population Data: Tong Zhu, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (April 2011)

SAS in Government: Tara Holland, SAS Canada (October 2011)

Zero-Truncated Count Data Model: Chel Hee Lee, University of Saskatchewan (October 2011)

Table Lookups with Proc Format: Wenbin Li, Health Quality Council (October 2011)

SAS/IML A Flexible Approach to Data Analysis: Wu & Sajobi, University of Saskatchewan (October 2011)

Statistical Process Control Charts and SAS: Ying Jiang, Health Quality Council (2011)

Understanding Macro Variable Scopes: Eric Wang, Health Quality Council (Fall 2010)

SAS and Social Media: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (Fall 2010)

Automating Output from Multiple Sources: Jacqueline Quail, Health Quality Council (Fall 2010)

BASE SAS Tips and Tricks: Rob Wilson (October 2010)

How to Convert Mean Separation Output to Letter Groupings: Peiqiang Yu, University of Saskatchewan (April 2010)

SAS/IML: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (April 2010)

SAS Global Forum: (April 2010)

Formatting Variables: (2010)

SAS Techniques for Preparing Admin Health Data: Chel Hee Lee & Lisa Lix, University of Saskatchewan (October 2009)

Using EG with a SAS Application Server: (April 2009)

Proc SQL: Nirmal Singh, Health Quality Council (2009)

Automatic Generation of Titles, Footnotes and Subscripts: Paul Cascagnette, Health Quality Control (2009)

EG Tips for SAS Programmers: Carolyn Cunnison, SAS Canada

SAS Techniques for The Canadian Atlas of Bird Banding: Eric Woodsworth, Enviornment Canada

Proc Mixed for Repeated Measures Data: Jaswant Singh, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

Utilizing Best Practices with SAS and Macros Made Easy: Josee Ranger-Lacroiz, SAS Canada

Looking Beneth the Surface of the SASLOG: Andrew Kuligowski, FCCI Insurance Group

The Building Blocks of SAS Datasets: Andrew Kuligowski, FCCI Insurance Group

10 for 10 Spotlight on Saskatoon's SAS UG: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada

Enterprise Guide a 2 for 1 Talk: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada

A Little Stats Won't Hurt You: Nathaniel Derby, Statis Pro Data Analytics

Getting Correct Results from PROC REG: Nathaniel Derby, Statis Pro Data Analytics

User Driven Data Extraction: Peter Olynyk, Federated Co-operatives Limited

Forecast Comparisons Proc Univariate and GPlot: Peter Olynyk, Federated Co-operatives Limited

Tracking and Forecasting Petroleum Sales: Rich Krause, Federated Co-operatives Limited

What's New in Foundation SAS for 9.4: Charu Shankar, SAS Canada

A 'Suduko' Design for Field Experiments: Shirtliffe, Rowland, Gulden & Johnson

Analyzing Simple & Complex Binary Data: Jaswant Singh, University of Saskatchewan

SAS Enterprise Miner: Sue Walsh, SAS Canada

Introduction of PROC GCHART: Vicki Tagore, University of Saskatchewan

SAS EG - Old Proc New Tricks: Tim Trussell, SAS Canada

Selecting NHL Teams by Linear Regression Analytics with SAS: Tim Trussell, SAS Canada

Macro - Passing Parameter by Value vs. by Reference: Eric Wang, Health Quality Council

ODS Layout Introduction: Liying Qu, Health Quality Council

How to Generate Tables Using SAS: Liying Qu, Health Quality Council

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