Saskatoon SAS Users Group (SUCCESS)

The semi-annual SUCCESS meetings offer presentations, discussions and networking opportunities which can help Saskatoon-area SAS users get the most out of their SAS software.

The next SUCCESS meeting will take place Wednesday, September 17, 2014 . A detailed agenda and an opportunity to register can be found here.

Meet the Executive:
Immediate Past-President - Eric Wang
President - Peter Beug
Vice-President - Mark Horseman
Program Chair -
Local Arrangements Chair - Rob Merritt
Technical Director - Brent Burlingham

The current Executive is looking to a wonderful enthusiastic and dedicated Executive team for the Saskatoon Users Group.

The time commitment is minimal: most work is done over email in advance of the meetings.

Please consider joining us if you'd like to grow your SAS profile, enjoy close connections with SAS Canada and of course, if you'd like to help support fellow SAS users in Saskatoon. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Matt Malczewski.

Get involved

If you would like to be notified of upcoming SAS User meetings in Saskatoon, please subscribe to the Saskatoon SAS User Group Distribution List.

Join the SAS Canada Community .This site offers SAS knowledge and networking from a distinctive Canadian perspective, with content which isn't available anywhere else. Grow your SAS network and connect with SAS staff and thought-leaders.

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? Search the ‘groups’ function to locate Canadian SAS user groups, including the Saskatoon SAS Users Group. Join for professional networking, SAS related discussions and event notifications, and to become more involved with your local SAS user community!
- Returning soon. Due to website migration challenges, we will be recreating this valuable repository of past talks over the next few months.

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