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The semi-annual Health Users Group meetings offers presentations, discussions and networking opportunities in a health-related context which can help SAS users in health-related industries; get the most out of their SAS software.

The Executive team is looking to add to an enthusiastic and dedicated Executive team for the Health Users Group. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Matt Malczewski.

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Restricted Cubic Spline for Linearity Test & Continuous Variable Control: Jiming Fang (April 2014)

Cost Effective Analysis: Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai, CLEAR (April 2014)

Calculating the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient: Ellen Maki, Analytica Statistical Consulting Inc. (April 2014)

Classification Algorithms in Global Mortality: Peter Miasnikof, University of Toronto (April 2014)

Modeling Strategies A TARGet Kids! Example: Gerald Lebovic, University of Toronto (November 2013)

Bland-Altman Bounds with Application to Sleep Apnea: Ellen Maki, Analytica Statistical Consulting Inc. (April 2013)

Visual Analytics Drag and Drop: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (March 2013)

Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS Book Review: Sachin Mehta, Brock University (Fall 2013)

Healthcare Analytics Then and Now: Mark Morreale, SAS Canada (Fall 2013)

Predictive Modelling of High Cost Healthcare Users in Ontario: Various Authors (April 2013)

Validating and CLeaning Data in EG: Judy Orr Lawrence, SAS Canada (April 2013)

Health Technology Intensity & Physician Expenditure: Roham & Gabrielyan, McMaster University (November 2013)

Open Data: Wilson Suraweera, St. Michael's Hospital (November 2013)

Process for Data Quality Assurance: Mahmoud Azimaee, University of Manitoba (April 2012)

Move on the SQL Procedure: Craig Kasper, Manitoba Health (November 2012)

The Difference Data Makes: Edgar Manukyan & Laura Ma, CIHI (2012)

Landmarks in the Analysis of Competing Risks: Melania Pintilie, University of Toronto (April 2012)

Working with Administrative Databases: Simon Tavasoli, CIHI (2012)

Prognostic and Predictive 15-gene Signature for NSCLC: Zhu, Ding & Tsao, University of Toronto (2012)

A Fast and Easy Way to Calculate Age-Standardized Death Rates: Ash Roy (April 2011)

Generate HTML File for Excel Reports: Lingsong Yun, ICES (April 2011)

Tips & Tricks: (November 2010)

Healthcare Indicators - Policy Context and Impact: Astrid Guttmann, ICES (Spring 2010)

Data Simulation - Creating a Dummy Dataset Using Clinical Admin. Database: Jun Liang, CIHI (April 2010)

Text Analysis: Wilson Suraweera, Centre for Global Health Research (November 2010)

Text Analytics: Tim Trussell, SAS Canada (Fall 2010)

Using PCCF+ For Coding and Analyzing Health Data: Russell Wilkins, University of Ottawa (April 2010)

Hash Objects: Barb Crowther, SAS Canada (2009)

Data Integration Systems for Health Care: (April 2009)

Beginnings in Spatial Analysis and GIS in SAS: Doug Dover (Winter 2009)

SIMS Whiteboard: Goar Gasparian (October 2009)

Moving Your Dot - Measuring Mortality in Hospitals: Sara Klisowsky, Joseph Brant Hospital (April 2009)

Propensity Score Calibration: (October 2009)

The SQUEEZE Macro: (April 2009)

SAS Web Report Studio: (October 2009)

PCCF + Version 5F User's Guide: Russell Wilkins (February 2010)

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