Supply Chain Intelligence

Deliver quality improvement, customer satisfaction and higher profits

SAS Supply Chain Intelligence solutions deliver a critical advantage to organizations by helping them turn data into knowledge and develop unique insights about their demand patterns, supply networks, operations and customer service requirements.

SAS provides you the ability to combine data from other data sources, such as transactional and operational systems, to provide more comprehensive analysis and reporting to better meet corporate business requirements. The result is improved efficiency and effectiveness of the overall supply chain, increased profits and higher customer satisfaction.

SAS is the linchpin of our supply chain management strategy.

Gary Keathley
Custom Pak Materials Manager

Components of SAS® Supply Chain Intelligence

SAS® Demand-Driven Forecasting

Plan for future events and simulate the impact of marketing investment strategies and product mixes to maximize profitability.

SAS® Forecasting for SAP APO

Ideal demand forecasting and planning that can transform your organization from one that simply reacts to one that is proactive using seamless integration of superior SAS forecasting with the strength of SAP APO planning capabilities.

SAS® Quality Lifecycle Analysis

Gain a holistic view of your manufacturing processes to proactively address potential quality and performance issues.

SAS® Predictive Asset Maintenance

Improve uptimes of crucial assets and reduce unscheduled maintenance, increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

SAS® Inventory Optimization

Reduce product inventory levels, inventory carrying and expediting costs while maintaining or increasing customer service levels.

SAS® Warranty Analysis

Integrate warranty data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information so you can make informed, timely decisions and reduce warranty costs.

SAS® Service Parts Optimization

Forecast short-term, new-part and lifecycle parts demand. The solution calculates optimized inventory and order quantities for parts distribution systems, helping you maintain adequate stock levels, maximize response times and improve customer satisfaction.

SAS® Service Operations Optimization

Analyze operational data by product, customer, geography, service code, call agent, technician, etc., and then identify the root cause of inefficient internal processes.

SAS® Contact Center Planning and Optimization

Reduce contact center costs and increase customer satisfaction and retention using advanced forecasting and optimization.

SAS® OnDemand: Suspect Claims Detection

Identify 100 percent of suspicious claims and service providers and optimize auditor time with this SAS OnDemand solution for rapid business results and minimal IT investment.

Hear from our customers


"With help from SAS, Wistron effortlessly deals with the complex management issues that arise from our successful and growing business."


"With embedded technologies, we can operate like a Formula 1 team that analyzes every parameter during the race to bring a car into the pits at the best possible time.”


"We’re now able to drill down through customer hierarchies and do things such as integrate the impact of promotions and special offers into the statistical models."

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