Text Miner

SAS® Text Miner

Extract knowledge from unstructured data with text mining software

Why limit yourself to analyzing legacy data when you can dynamically retrieve pertinent content from the Web and other text sources? Discover new ideas and concepts hidden within huge document collections. Identify patterns and associations between words and phrases. Add text mining insights to structured analysis to improve decision making.


Automatically know more.

With machine learning and natural language processing techniques, time-consuming manual activities such as theme identification or building topic libraries are generated automatically. For large collections, evaluations can run in minutes or seconds with high-performance procedures. So you can quickly discover key elements.

Add subject-matter expertise.

Interactive GUIs make it easy to identify relevance, modify algorithms, document assignments and group materials into meaningful aggregations. So you can guide machine-learning results with human insights. Extend text mining efforts beyond basic start-and-stop lists using custom entities and term trend discovery to refine automatically generated rules.

Drill down from high to low.

SAS text mining software offers a visual presentation of the entire data mining process. Dynamically drill into relevant details and explore term connections. An interactive interface makes it easy to investigate derived topics and concepts, and compare models to identify the one that performs best.

Determine what's hot and what's not.

Text is structured into numeric representations that summarize document collections and become inputs to a full range of predictive and data mining modeling techniques. You can examine how the use of a term is changing over time – so you'll know when to act and what to do.



Text Miner
  • High-performance text mining methods
  • User-friendly, flexible interface
  • Automatic Boolean rule generation
  • Term profiling
  • Trend discovery
  • Visual analysis of results
  • Options to choose predefined entities, define your own, or create custom entities
  • Interactive interface for importing text
  • Native support for multiple languages

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