Stress Testing Banks: How mature is your institution?

Stress testing is now a recurring reality for many banks today.

Stress testing is now a recurring reality for most banks today. SAS developed a benchmarking tool in cooperation with Longitude Research to provide banks the ability to compare their stress testing maturity.
It assesses resourcing levels, relative priorities, leadership engagement, investment, and more. In just five minutes, you can compare your responses to those of over 100 senior risk and finance executives within both European and North American banks, to see how your institution stacks up.

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What is the size of your institution, in terms of assets under management, or which size would you like to benchmark yourself against?

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Which of the following best represents your institution, or which type would you like to benchmark yourself against?

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Which is the primary location of your institution, or which region would you like to benchmark yourself against?

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Overall, how would you rate the maturity of your organization's stress testing framework?

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On the scale below, you will see two opposing descriptions of different aspects of stress testing.

Please indicate where on this scale you would currently place your institution.
  • Fully automated (4)
  • Covers all risk categories (4)
  • Systematic and planned (4)
  • Significant influence on business decision-making (4)
  • Primarily driven by business needs(4)
  • Strong governance and processes (4)
  • Significant dedicated resources (4)
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Which of the following risk categories are you prioritizing for stress testing today, and which do you expect to prioritize in two years’ time?

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  • ALM
  • Market risk
  • Credit risk
  • Operational risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • P&L / Cash-flow risk

In the next two years, what will be your main priorities to strengthen your stress-testing framework?

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In the past two years, what change has there been to the level of your investment in the following aspects of stress testing?

Please select 1 to 5, where 1 is significant increase and 5 is significant decrease
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