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SAS® Macro Language 2: Advanced Techniques

Duration: 2.0 days

Course Language: Finnish

This course covers macro quoting functions, macro storage, and macro techniques for advanced data access, table lookup operations, advanced parameter validation, and macro windows.

Learn how to

  • create hierarchical, menu-driven macro applications
  • exploit stored compiled and autocall macro facilities
  • exploit macro quoting functions
  • generate data-driven macro calls
  • perform table lookup operations
  • apply SAS or user-defined formats to macro variables
  • automatically convert data set variables to macro variables
  • search for all CSV, Excel, or Microsoft Access files in a directory and all subdirectories and automatically import each file, worksheet, or table into a SAS data set
  • search for all SAS programs in a directory and all subdirectories and automatically submit every program
  • exploit SAS I/O and external file functions
  • create your own macro functions
  • create macro functions that return the number of observations in a data set or a subset of a data set
  • create a macro function that validates whether a selected variable exists in a selected data set and returns the variable's type
  • create custom windows and menus that interactively gather and validate user-supplied parameter values.

Who should attend

Experienced SAS macro programmers who want to learn advanced techniques


In order to be successful in this course, you should have completed the SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials course or have equivalent knowledge and experience. Specifically, you should be able to

  • write macro programs that contain iterative processing and conditional processing
  • create local and global macro variables
  • create macro variables using the SYMPUTX routine
  • utilize indirect macro variable references
  • utilize the SQL procedure SELECT statement INTO clause.

Course Contents

Macro Storage

  • stored compiled macro facility
  • autocall macro facility

Protecting Special Characters

  • protecting constant text
  • protecting resolved values

Reading SAS Data

  • data-driven macro calls
  • SAS I/O functions

Reading External Data

  • importing CSV files
  • importing Excel files

Table Lookup Techniques

  • macro variables
  • formats

Validating User Input

  • macro parameters
  • macro windows

Software Addressed

This course addresses the following software product(s): Base SAS.

MAC2 26/05/2014

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